Name posted Fri at 10:31
You all know by now that Friday's tend to be kind of a big fucking deal around here.  You know, with all the drinking, smoking, gaming, swearing, and butthole pleasures. I heard that Granty might even make an appearance if he can get his pedal bike powered internet up to speed.

hmx332 We had some noobs last night with us
Cuddles Name is so out of touch with Advanced Warfare that he thinks we are getting Christmas noobs this year. This is a depress ...
It's that fucking magical time of the week again.  The day when you huddle in a dark room.  The day when you purchase and consume more adult beverages than the entire state of Utah.  The day where you will rage and randoms and suggest that squeakers check out your balls.  The day where you bang a thousand moms and a handful of dads.  The day, Gentlemen, is Friday.  

Name watches as Cuddles and Jasd coordinate and attack
Hullfan16 That last "girl" may have a dick
DookieJ Hopefully most of you wont have blumpkin'd out (or abandoned towards greener pastures of final fantasy) by the time my w ...
unclejuicer77 I just watched Cool Runnings and The Mighty Ducks back to back so you could say I am pumped for this FEUF!
I got fucking kicked that one round
that dom lobby last night... im pretty sure between the 4 of us we nroke 200 kills. stavies 74-13 score helped a bit. it was like christmas of clan wars
SNACK!!!! I miss you
Christmas is upon us, I hope were all ready
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