Cuddles posted Fri at 0:00  -  f u derderfeuftmhk clan
Tonight is the night we put down our good video games. We get shit faced. I go to sleep at 9pm. Get online and let's play some big games of Call of Duty. Dat exo movement though. Welcome to fuck em up Friday. Prepare to blast off into a drunken rage about the lag. 

stavie magee When that day comes, maybe I can go a whole comment without making a typo. But until that day I will continue to blindly ...
stavie magee One day, my I'll have that giant, rock hard K/D ratio that the women can't get enough of. Then it will be stavie on the ...
DookieJ Ill be thurrr around 5pm pacific after such a busy sunmer it'll be good to game again haha
Ok so the internet did not explode even though Kim showed her big fat ass that we have all seen one way or another so we are all still here. Living the dream and broing it out on CODAW. It's friday and so you know what that means. Time to put on your try hard panties and do an old fashioned clan war. You know the kind where when TMHK starts kicking the other clans ass they stop the game because someone on their team has a red mask on . If you got the message from cuddles your a very special boy. 

lovertits hgghh that under boob.just smother me already
Cuddles Servers? What servers?
derdude42 cute goat & pretty girls = quality post as usual. thx!
cause you ile mate wanted to buy a ps4 ages ago
how does this cw qualifier shizzle work???
why isnt " playing a shitty ps3 still" in the poll????
;go you mustachioed hipster
Guess I won't vote in the poll...
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