So we have the release of Star wars Battlefront. If you are one of the few that purchased this one ie Name or Derdude sober than super cool for you. Or if your like Juicer and purchased it drunk well then Bonus for you. Surprise you have a nice game to play this weekend, for what we like to call FEU Fridays. 

unclejuicer77 HNNNNNNNG! Natalie Dormer!
hmx332 Tina makes a great sandwich
derdude42 +1 for all the battlefront support! ...

You all didn't really think that my first FUEF back would be one of those fancy fucking  drop at mid-night FUEFs did you?

Cuddles You and jasd really need to step ya'lls game up. I am also glad that gif is further down the page. hahahah
derdude42 must not use that last pic as a screensaver... must resist... must not use that last pic as a screensaver... must resist ...
nice juice
[link] Hit a six man gravity spike. God bless hunted safeguard
@Cuddles, yeah, but some good prices in their sales - 10% less with your code, thanks
double weapon xp starts tomorrow!
rough month for PSplus IMO [link]
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