It's Friday. You've worked all week and it's time to let lose. Grab a beer. We are going to head into some dark territories for this FEUF post.

DookieJ You posted on thursday you go-getter!
hmx332 Why the fuck can't I drink a lot ??? Fucker I'll leave work now and start
smokeg0at the girl in the white i dare say her name!? Anna my Spanish jerk dream from! Oh how you ha ...

Double XP

jasd7896 posted Thu at 9:56  -  double xp
so double xp this weekend.  Plus I can't look at the front page anymore. 

DookieJ Now i can stay at level 50 faster!
hardcore mosh pit anyone?
i thought you're a marine - don't they train you for stuff like that?
awww trump i <3 u
[link] Tuck Frump
surprise buttsecks?
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