Sorry I'm late to the party FEUF

jasd7896 posted Fri at 9:51  -  blops3feuflate

Yep, I pulled a nameless/bath salt. Sorry I didn't prepare in advance but here we go. Let's take you through a typical friday night around here. Every one hops on says hi in a party chat, make a dj joke then 5 of us go play Blops3, 1 goes to Destiny and the last one drinks wine coolers and watches reruns of Small Wonder. 

SNACK I did enjoy meeting Khloe, big sexy bitch. Nice stache Mike C, it really brings out the pedophilia in your eyes.
unclejuicer77 I need to grow that mustache. 10/10 post
Name " Hey David James, Uncle Mike wants you to stretch your creamy hamstrings! "


Cuddles posted Jan 29, 16  -  black ops 3 dlcdivision betafeuf

Hey guys, anyone here? Hello! 

Welcome to FEUF a glorius night where I play Final Fantasy till 8pm. Nameless plays Battlefront, Snack plays Destiny, Jasd plays fix coffee like a Starbucks employee, Schooler plays Rocket League, JuicerMaGump plays something together and no one comes to the website. Except Derdude. I like derdude.

Kidding about that. Juicer also comes to the site. He posted this video for us about the first DLC drop for #vesperOpsIII

unclejuicer77 I took a turn with everyone's gifts.
Name Thanks for the gift, I found you one too.
derdude42 i only come here so often ´cause my ps4 stays off and i don´t want to be forgotten... and because of you... ...
out of a common
i got the wrench this morning
new rocket league arenas are neat. the circle one is too small
as a gamer you will love it: [link]
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