Salty posted Jun 13, 16

See ya fucking later Sonic, your time on the top of the front page has come to a fucking end.  With E3  starting today I'm sure that there will be no shortage of shit to talk about in the shout box. Maybe some threads will get made about shit that really bops someone's boner.  So I'm going to talk about something that gives me an erection and I'm going to do it right here on the front page because

Cuddles A news post!! Woooo!
unclejuicer77 The Battle of Somme would probably be the inspiration for whatever is going on Battlefield 1.
unclejuicer77 Germany occupied France during WW1. This is why they are fighting the British in France.

You know what day it is. FEUF day. And when it's not Cuddles turn to write it, I know you're coming to this site waiting till lunch time or later. Hell, even now I'm writing it and it's still not up to the OG GOA standards. FEUF post after morning time? fml

unclejuicer77 It okay, I go say hello to Rosie Jones whenever I need a pick me up
Nah bro. They gonna tell us about how we get an exclusive Franz Ferdinand skin if we preorder
dont we already know when the beta is?
it's the only character he plays in overwatch now :geek:
You sure? I didn't see a beer straw or bong attachment.