You know what day it is. FEUF day. And when it's not Cuddles turn to write it, I know you're coming to this site waiting till lunch time or later. Hell, even now I'm writing it and it's still not up to the OG GOA standards. FEUF post after morning time? fml

unclejuicer77 It okay, I go say hello to Rosie Jones whenever I need a pick me up

FEUF Short and Sweet

jasd7896 posted Mar 18, 16  -  feuf

Sorry been gone for a week driving cross country with the family. 

derdude42 what cuddles said!
Cuddles Kate!
free games for june..NBA2k16??? [link]
no i enjoy the good new days
no need to be mad – i remember the good old days. i have been young as well... :d
i aint even mad