FEUF A Dry Spell of Gifs

Cuddles posted Fri at 8:27  -  dryfeufffxivneeds more content

Friday. The best day of the week? Beer? Blumpkins? Time with your clan mates? Is there anything better?

jasd7896 yeah second girl is off the charts. I think its one of your best finds ever cudds.
derdude42 dj gifs – much pain, much lol!
Name I'm gonna need a source on the second girl... for... research and such.

So it's here again. The end of the freaking week. Go home kiss your wife or your boyfriend, crush some Seagrams and get ready for a great night of FEUF!!!!!

TheEldestScroll He don't like to 1v1 me. I'm a camper. XD
Cuddles Damn...that first chick tho. How many pictures did you have to go through at the Starbucks wifi before you found that, j ...
smokeg0at its okay Eldest..I got a chubby when I saw that you posted on the forum..welcome back bro!
new helmets for aw: [link] i should tweet this to michael condrey
wtf?! that looks like the inside of a testicle. 0/10, would never wear
that exo [link] nice – soon to be seen on juicers back... lol
If they could guarantee me a r.i.p. or whisperlight it'd be hard to not throw money at them.
ttypical activision stuff. please, no one buy supply drops. we need to let them know that that isn't ok.
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