Cuddles posted Fri at 8:00  -  feufi didnt forgeti forgot

It's Friday night. Time to try hard. Time to get fucked up. Time to not try hard. Time to go to sleep. Time to miss another FEUF. Next time I play with any try hards, this happens.

unclejuicer77 holy shit those cats are drunk
Name No mention of the Battlefront trailer reveal today. 1:30 pm est. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBx5OqAWeW0 And I hav ...
derdude42 thumbs up! in general! "cya tonite..." btw. juicer & i had lots of fun with trolling red clan try hards ye ...

Howdy mates. You might be wondering what the fuck I am doing at the front of the page. Things have been a little quiet around here and I got inspired to shake things up a little bit. Someone was drunk enough to actually give me the greenlight to do a FEUF post so that means things are about to get weird up in this bitch. Grab your best beers and plunk yourself down to play some video games tonight cause its clan wars and we about to play that wonderful lag fest known as Advanced Warfare. I’ll probably scream about how no one has a hit box and we’ll switch over to Battlefield so I can lay in the grass and snipe people for 45 mins. Stick around til the end cause I might have a little suprise for you rapscallions.

derdude42 what a guest post! nice... see some of ya tonight!
Name I'd hit it. Body looks tight.
Cuddles HHHHNNNNNGGGGG no bra. plz excuse me for the evening. I'll be in my bunk. Great post!!
miss you fuckers. I should (hopefully) be around sunday. I'm playing in a band out of town now so i have to travel a lot. Cd coming in august, then a tour at the end of August, life has been cracycray
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